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How To Select A Piano

Parents tell us: We’re afraid our kids will give up Piano lessons and we will lose our investment.”

99% of Parents who come to us have EXACTLY the same concern. We understand how you feel.

So I created ‘the 3 Main Rules for Parents’ who have started a Piano Project for their kids.”

We wanted to be sure that Parents experienced the joy of knowing their kids will have a life-long experience enjoying the Piano.

And the best way for you to enjoy success … is follow the 3 Main Rules.:

Rule number one is Select a good piano ! please select a good Piano , BECAUSE a good presents opportunities for a child to enjoy learning the Piano , a good piano with a touch that completely allows them to express their feelings , a good Piano that has a clear tone BECAUSE  a piano with a bad touch or a piano that does not respond to their feelings or a piano that has a sharp tone or a piano that has dull tone will present serious obstacles, serious roadblocks to your child’s joy of continually learning the Piano.

Rule number two is Select a good Piano Teacher ! a Piano Teacher that has had a good education , a Piano Teacher that not only teaches music , but a Piano Teacher that has learned how to inspire your child , a Piano Teacher that has learned how to motivate your child through an enjoyable learning experience BECAUSE a piano teacher who does not inspire , OR a piano teacher who does not positively encourage and guide your child can cause your child to lose interest in continually learning the piano.

Rule number three is Give your child lots of praise and encouragement and  look for every opportunity to praise your child and celebrate everything they learn, no matter how big  no matter how small and stress the positives BECAUSE when you criticize your child when you complain about their playing . When you complain about their grade results if you focus on the negatives, your child can very quickly become demotivated and lose interest in continually learning the piano, which means you could lose your investment.

As we are all aware every child’s first love is for their parents   and when a parent is continually celebrating their child’s every progress, of course it is only logical and natural that the child will be inspired to continue to receive happiness and inspiration!

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