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Dio Piano School Celebrating
International Piano Day 2024

March 28 2024 is the International Piano Day, a globally celebrated annual event, was conceived by a collective of enthusiasts and is observed on the 88th day of each year.

In Canada, the occasion will be marked by a festival and performance hosted by Dio Piano School, a Steinway Select Studio in West Vancouver, BC Canada, celebrating the artists, artisans, and connoisseurs of the instrument offering a harmonious tribute to the instrument’s rich legacy and significance.

The event will be headlined by Robert Silverman, one of the most popular and influential Canadian concert pianists, and an Order of Canada recipient, from Vancouver and will feature a celebration of new and historic talent, bringing together a multicultural, diverse community of young performers from across the city. Indulge in the exquisite sounds of classical music performed by our outstanding pianists, including winners of top regional and international music competitions. The program encompasses a rich selection of classical repertoires from renowned composers such as Bach, Czerny, Mozart, Beethoven, Chopin, and many others, sure to delight the discerning ears of experienced music aficionados.

Piano Day 2024