Our teachers approach teaching with the goal of complete musicianship, taught in a step-by-step approach, using academic European methods and the Royal Conservatory of Music curriculum.


Mock RCM Examinations

For students preparing for the RCM formal exams, Dia Piano School offers mock RCM practical examinations. These examinations are based on the format of the actual RCM exams so that students can fully and effectively get prepared for the real exam. Mock RCM exams can be booked online or in-person in our studio equipped with a professional RCM Yamaha grand piano. Students are given both verbal and written feedback in each area of the exam by an experienced faculty member. Also, they receive the most important keys and advice on how to better prepare for their future exams and performances.
A mock RCM exam can be booked by contacting Dio Piano School at [email protected] or calling 604-446-1089.