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(changiz Asadollahi)
My journey began at the moment when in a stormy day I walked into the music department. I was elevated by every keystroke and by timelessness of Brahms’s cappriccio op.76 n.1
At that moment, the world I was aware of disappeared and faded. Nothing remained except the whispering of a mysterious energy which floated in air.
The most abstract art, Music.
An urge, a passion for an instrument made of ivory and black keys and an everlasting astonishment for the frozen moments of great classical composers. Ever since, I decided to devote all my existence to Classical music.In fact,I was trained in the classical music and studied with well known and professional pianists at University of British Columbia.
I was graduated and earned my bachelor of music degree in piano performance from UBC. Also, I am a BC registered music teacher through British Columbia music teacher’s association.
For over 15 years, I have taught many students of all ages and levels. and I have prepared students for RCM examinations both in Piano and Music theory( Harmony and counterpoint).

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Our teachers approach teaching with the goal of complete musicianship, taught in a step-by-step approach, using academic European methods and the Royal Conservatory of Music curriculum. We deal with each student as an individual and help them to achieve their own goals.


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