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About Changiz Asadollahi

Changiz was trained in the classical music and studied with well known and professional pianists at University of British Columbia.
Changiz was graduated and earned his bachelor of music degree in piano performance from UBC. Also, He is a BC registered music teacher through British Columbia music teacher’s association. Changiz Asadollahi earned his master’s degree in Piano Performance at the University of Saskatchewan under the tutelage of Professor.Kathleen Solose in the graduate program.
For over 15 years, He has taught many students of all ages and levels. and he has prepared students for RCM examinations both in Piano and Music theory( Harmony and counterpoint).
He primarily coaches students for prestigious and highly recognized Piano Competitions and,Many of his students have participated in both national and international piano competitions and have placed in top ranks.
Recipient of Numerous Academic Awards at University of British Columbia:
  • Marie Elizabeth and Adolphe William Pal Jones Bursary.
  • UBC Alumni Helen Knight Bursary.
  • Eleanor and James Wrigley Bursary.
  • Alma Mater Society Aid Bursary.