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Jonathan Li is an experienced and passionate teacher and musician. While teaching in schools and privately across Canada over the last decade, he has trained many students, of all ages and backgrounds. He believes that each student’s musical education should be tailored towards their needs, goals, temperament, as well as other factors, and looks forward to the challenge of adapting to each student.

​As a young musician, Jonathan finished his ARCT in piano performance at the age of 14 while studying under IldikoSkeldon and was awarded by the BCRMTA for achieving the top mark of that exam session in his hometown of Richmond, B.C. Along the way he won multiple accolades such as the Gloria Cristobal Scholarship as well as placing in the top three multiple times at the annual Kiwanis Music Festival. From 2008-2011 Jonathan contributed to three volumes of the Dynamic Duettists, a CD series stemming from the Young People’s Concert at Tsawwassen Arts Centre.

​​In 2016, Jonathan sought out the tutelage of Jane Hayes, seeking to continue his music education in the hopes of becoming a better teacher. A major influence on his views of music and education, studying with Jane revitalized him back into the world of piano performance after a seven year absence. Since then, Jonathan has completed an undergraduate degree in piano performance at the University of Victoria in the studio of Arthur Rowe, during which time he was the National nominee from the Greater Victoria Performing Arts Festival, as well as the recipient of the Dr. Robin Wood and Winifred Scott Wood Memorial Award (2019).

He has also attended Orford Music Festival (2018, 2019) as well as Brevard Music Festival (2019). In 2020, Jonathan was accepted into the Piano Performance and Pedagogy programme at the University of Toronto with the Yoshiteru Koga and Sumiko Hara Piano Pedagogy Scholarship, where he studied with Jamie Parker. He has since completed his masters, but continues to both practice and research, as there are always more things to learn as a musician and teacher.

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