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Ivan started his musical education at the age of seven and instantly discovered he had a talent and passion for music. Born and raised in Croatia, Ivan graduated from the Varaždin School of Music and, at the age of 18, enrolled at the Music Academy in Zagreb. Under the guidance of Marina Ambokadze, a renowned Professor of the LISZT-ZILOTI piano technique as well as the artistic adviser to world-renowned pianist Ivo Pogorelić, he earned his Master’s degree in Piano Performance.

During his study, Ivan has had the opportunity to work with other eminent mentors including Đ. Stanetti, M. Kandelaki, K. Krasnitski, R. Dalibaltayan and N. Flores. In 2008 he started his career as a Piano Professor at the Varaždin School of Music, one of the oldest and most prominent educational institutions in Croatia, where he made a name for himself by achieving remarkable results as a mentor and accompanist. His students performed at various concerts and recitals throughout Europe, playing as soloists.
or accompanied by an orchestra, as well regularly participating in domestic and international piano competitions where they achieved remarkable results.

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