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Maggie Xu – Our Piano Expert

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We’re concerned that our kids will give up Piano lessons and we will lose our investment. 99% of Parents who come to us to purchase a piano have EXACTLY the same concern. We understand how you feel. As a result, I created “the 3 Main Rules for Parents who have started a Piano journey for their kids.”
We want to make sure that parents experience the joy of knowing that their kids will have a life-long piano journey.

My three main rules:

Rule number one is to select a reasonable piano!

A good piano with a professional and satisfying touch allows the performer to express feelings. A responsive touch gives the pianists control of tone and a wide range of dynamic levels.

Rule number two is to Select a good piano teacher!

An educated piano teacher. A piano teacher that not only teaches music but has learned how to inspire a student. A piano teacher is also a professional pianist and is able to share his or her performance experience with students.

Rule number three is to give your child lots of encouragement and look for every opportunity to praise your child and celebrate everything they learn, no matter how big or small that is and, stress the positive.

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