Music Theory Classes

Music theory is the study of the system behind any composition, by learning the detailed structure and theory of a composition, a performer will enable to a more comprehensive and more expressive performance of the composition. 

At Dio Piano School we prepare students for Royal Conservatory Theory Exams. Our students routinely achieve First Class Honours and Distinction marks on these exams. 

The Royal Conservatory curriculum requires any student who aims to take Grade 5 instrumental exams, and higher levels take theory and history  courses to expand their practical knowledge. Also, Successful completion of theory examinations along with the appropriate instrumental exams is accepted as credits towards secondary school graduation diplomas.

Theory instruction helps students to more fully understand the music they are playing. Music theory classes are recommended for students of any age in Royal Conservatory of Music Preparatory Music theory explains and shows how the music is constructed. by learning music theory, students can decode and demystify the structure and contents of music. Also, music theory help students to learn faster and become stronger performers.

Music theory at Dio Piano School:

  • Rudiments
  • Functional and tonal Harmony
  • Post-tonal harmony
  • counterpoint
  • Form and Analyses

Online Application


    Preparatory Theory – Level 5 Theory (one examination)
    Level 6 Theory (one examination)
    Level 7 Theory (one examination)
    Level 8 Theory (one examination)

    Harmony, Counterpoint and Analysis

    Level 9 Harmony
    Level 10 Harmony & Counterpoint
    ARCT Harmony & Counterpoint
    ARCT Analysis


    Level 9 History
    Level 10 History
    ARCT History

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